If I donate, do my funds really go to this project or grant?

Yes! Not only is your donation tax-deductible, but you are in control of where it goes! Whether your passion is metastatic breast cancer or public policy, or you really love a specific researcher’s project or community program, you pick where your dollars go.

How do I fundraise for one of these grants?

If you would like to fundraise alongside a grant, simply click through to the grant to view more information. Once on the specific grant page, you may click the ‘Join Team’ button to create a fundraising page associated with this grant.

How much does Komen invest in its actual mission?

For the past 12 years running, Komen has invested an average of 80 cents of every dollar directly into our mission work, funding research, community grants and our public policy and advocacy work. For more information on our finances, click here.


What if I want to give to metastatic research in general?

If you wish to give to research focused on metastatic research, we have a grant page setup specifically for this. Simply search ‘metastatic’ in the search box under the heading ‘explore our areas of work’. The search results should filter to show you the metastatic breast cancer research program page.

What is the Komen Scientific Advisory Board?

Komen's Scientific Advisors are the best and brightest researchers, clinicians, advocates and other experts who guide/help implement our mission programs. Thanks to their efforts, we’re driving discovery, affecting change and accelerating progress in the fight against breast cancer. The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) provides strategic guidance and direction for our research and scientific programs and plays a key role in guiding and prioritizing Komen’s global research investment. The SAB is led by the Chief Scientific Advisors and is comprised of leaders in breast cancer research, clinical practice and advocacy who have made significant contributions to advancing the field and are committed to furthering Komen’s mission.

How does Komen choose who receives research funding?

At Komen, we have a rigorous process, called peer review, for selecting projects that have the potential to advance the field and impact patients as quickly as possible. Our Komen Scholars, other breast cancer experts and Advocates in Science review each application to ensure Komen’s mission and principles of scientific excellence are met.  Komen’s research grant peer review process is world-class, and has been recognized for its rigor by the National Institutes of Health.

How much has Komen invested in breast cancer research?

Since 1982, Komen has invested more than $956 million in breast cancer research – more than any other nonprofit outside the US government. Take a look at this research overview document for a breakdown of our investments, and check out our Research Fast Facts if you want more information about our investment in one specific topic.


How does Komen choose what community organizations receive funding?

Every five years, Komen conducts comprehensive community needs assessments. These community profiles are then used to establish local funding priorities for the community grants program request for applications (RFA). Submitted applications are subject to a rigorous review process by an independent panel of experts and community reviewers consistent with Komen's standards and mission.

How does someone qualify for the Treatment Assistance Program?

Funds from the Treatment Assistance Program are awarded to women and men in the U.S. who are in treatment for breast cancer and who are at or below 250% of the national poverty level.  Call the Komen Breast Care Helpline at 877-465-6636 for more information.


How can I get involved?

Find your closest Susan G. Komen Affiliate via zip code here and check their website on opportunities to get involved.

Where's my nearest Komen Affiliate?

To find your nearest Susan G. Komen Affiliate via zip code, please visit


What are Komen’s main advocacy and public policy issues?

Komen works to identify, through a transparent and broad-based, intensive vetting and selection process, the advocacy issues that have the greatest potential impact on Komen’s mission.

Komen’s 2017-2018 Advocacy Priorities:

  • Support for expanded federal funding for all biomedical research
  • Support state and federal funding for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program (NBCCEDP)
  • Advocate for policies to improve insurance coverage of breast cancer treatments and screening
  • Evaluate state and federal policies to increase awareness, education and access to clinical trials for all patient populations
I want to help Komen advocate for these important policies!

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